Merry, Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Today is Christmas Day and what a Christmas it has been.  Everyone made out very well this year and enjoyed every minute of it.  We had Christmas dinner last night and had everyone over.  Everyone then came back over this morning for a big breakfast and to open gifts.  It’s a warm one this year and we’ve actually got the a/c going.  Was hoping for cooler weather for Christmas, but what can we expect in Florida.  Everyone is just going to chill out here for the rest of the day, eat leftovers and play board games and watch movies.  I’ve put our Christmas pictures on here, but again, you have to log in to see them.  I guess all that is left of this year is New Years Eve.  I’ll have more pictures on here then.  Then on to 2009!!!  Hope everyone’s Christmas was a great one and I hope 2009 is a wonderful year for everyone.  Until next time…

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