What’s up with us in March

Well, here we are… Almost April.  Haven’t done much lately, just the same old thing.  Kids trying to get through until Spring Break, which they don’t get until the second week in April.  I think both are ready for summer break.  Seems we are past the cold and on to hot and humid already.  Bring on the heat and high electric bills.  We took the boys to Lowry Park Zoo yesterday.  Put those pics on here under sight seeing.  So if ya want to see a bunch of animals you certainly are welcome to look.  Snaped a few pics of the Bucs stadium over in Tampa and the stadium in St. Petersburg for the Rays and some of the Skyway on our way back from the zoo.  Figured what the heck.  Becky, Richard and the kids all came to visit for their Spring Break.  Had a great time with them!!!  I also added some pics of a lunch and fashion show that I took last year at the Village of the Arts that I went to with mom (Tina).  Will have more since they are doing it again this year in a month or so.  Other than that, just wishing for some much needed rain in our area.  Until next time…

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