Catching up :)

Trying to get pictures and events caught up on here. I’m adding some more photo albums. All the way from our cats, birthdays, orchestra recital, Christmas 09, my crochet and so on. Like I said, catching up here. Nothing real exciting going on lately. Summer break is coming up quick. I think the boys only have about 20 actual days of school left. I know they are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and ready for a break. Really don’t have much planned for the summer other than enjoying it with the boys and we are going to do a trip back to Greenville in July. We saw Blues Traveler recently. Putting some pics up here of that too. Was a great concert. Matt had a orchestra recital last night and he’s doing very well on his violin. I’m adding Matt’s photos he put in the county fair this last year. He won ribbons on all of them. My cuz came to visit just after Thanksgiving and we went over to Orlando and spent the day and had a blast. Attended the annual Village of the Arts luncheon and fashion show. Had such a good time with mom and mom in law, always a very fun thing. I have taken up crocheting and totally love it. I’m on my 4th blanket now and have more in the works. I enjoy my Sunday evenings with a great group of ladies while we snack, chat and work on our knitting and crocheting. The boys turned 17 and 13 in Aug and Sept. Again, catching up here….before I know it, I’ll be adding pics from birthdays 18 and 14. Growing up way toooo fast. I’m going to attempt to stay more on top of the web site the rest of this year, even if to just update on how we are doing and what we are up to. So……..until next time…….

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Vacation/Spring Break to South Carolina

It’s been awhile since I’ve last updated our family website.  We didn’t do a whole lot last year, but there are pics I still need to add on here.  Hopefully I’ll get that done sometime real soon.  We did just take our vacation/spring break trip up to South Carolina.  We are hoping to move there within the next couple years.  The sooner the better if you ask me.  We’ve enjoyed life in Florida but ready for a change and new scenery.   Robert, Devin, Matt and myself, along with my mom and Robert’s parents, went on the trip.  It was a very enjoyable getaway and a great time spent with the whole family.  Only wish it would have lasted longer.  We stayed in a cabin that is at the foot of Table Rock Mountain.  We went sightseeing all around the whole area and even up into North Carolina.  Saw waterfalls and back roads and mountains.  Spent time in Greenville and checking out the parks and galleries, even hit the mall, which by the way, we found an amazing Tea Store with the best teas I’ve ever had…needless to say we spent some bucks in there but now are enjoying a pretty good assortment of some great hot tea in the evenings.  All in all, it was a great vacation and can’t wait to go again before we move.  Until next time……..

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End of August

Summer vacation is gone and school is back in session.  Always seems now that after this, the rest of the year just flys by.  Between the boys birthdays and our anniversary and then of course the holidays, which aren’t too far away, the days just run into the next it seems.  Devin turned 17 Friday and next will be Matt’s 13th on Sept. 28.  Where has time gone.  Life gets busy with the daily things and before you know it, you lift your head to look around and you realize you haven’t talked to reliatives and friends in a long time.  Nothing really eventful or exciting has been going on, just the daily grind and living life.  I am looking forward to fall very much.  I am just over the hot humid summers Florida has to offer.  No hurricanes as of yet and hopefully it’ll stay that way.  I’m adding some new galleries to the Family Album.  It’s in process so keep checking back…  I’ve added some really old ones of my grandfather and grandmother and his parents and sibblings… ones we have anyway.  Any family members out there are welcome to send me any I might not have to add on.  I’m going to make one of the boys when they were little.  I’m also thinking of making a page devoted to very much loved and missed family members that have passed away.  I just want that to be a happy place to look back at them not a sad thing.  Anyway, just checking in for now…..until next time……

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New server, new website!

We have moved to a new host, and in the process migrated the entire site to a new platform. If you were registered on our old site, you’ll have to re-register here. Sorry about this, I know it’s a real pain in the rear, and I really tried to avoid it but couldn’t.

The gallery is getting migrated but may take a few days as it’s over 1000 pics!

We hope you’ll like the new format; be patient with us, as I’m sure the overall look and feel will change a few times as we get settled in.

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Hiking at Oscar Scherer State Park.

We decide to get back into the swing of things with a short hike this weekend. Upon arriving at Little Manatee River SP we were told that the trails had been closed due to a wild dog issue. The closest park we could think of was Oscar Scherer SP. We had never been there, but I knew that they had several trails, and we figured it was worth a shot.

It turned out that the “trails” were really sand roads through scrub land, and it appeared that whoever created the system made every effort to avoid trees, and anything of remote interest, although the little lake, and two crossings of the stream were nice. Needless to say it was a hot couple of hours, without much to see. It did give me a chance to take my GPS project for it’s first run, and one that I was quite happy with overall.

Steph posted pics in the gallery, and there’s a temporary Google Map with the GPS Track here. Once I get a little time I plan on making a permanent section of the site for hikes that we do, now that we will have more data along the trip.

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End of May

Here we are, end of May and pushing right on into June.  Recently went to Oklahoma for 20 year class reunion.  Had a blast and was able to spend time with a lot of great friends and roam around the town I was born and raised in.  Forgot how small is was.  Did some sight seeing too.  Mostly just hung out and enjoyed our time there with family and friends.  Boys only have about 5 days of school left and then summer break.  Hopefully we’ll be hurricane free once again this year.  Summer heat and humidity already getting on my nerves, but what can ya do!  Have a great summer everyone….until next time….

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Where are the spring showers?

Here we are….May.  Only 7 more months and we can put up the Christmas tree…LOL.  Hot weather has hit Florida and will no doubt be here with us until at least Christmas.  All we need is for the humidity to set in now and we’ll be on our way.  The boys are just hanging in there until summer break.  I’ve been helping out at the school and went on a field trip recently with Matt’s class.  I put those pictures in our family area.  Devin has had his first fender bender and so his car is totaled.  No one was hurt, thank goodness, other than the nice little first car we lucked out and found for him.  Long story short, the other driver was at fault but walked away from the accident and so we have a hit and run on our hands basically, or that’s what the cops are filling it as.  I put some pictures of the damage…not that it’s that interesting, in our family area too.  Figured someone in our family might want to see them.  So…today Robert and Devin are starting the process all over and going out car shopping.  Other than that, I’m just counting down the days until my class reunion in Oklahoma.  I’ll have plenty of picture to put on here from that.  Until next time….

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What’s up with us in March

Well, here we are… Almost April.  Haven’t done much lately, just the same old thing.  Kids trying to get through until Spring Break, which they don’t get until the second week in April.  I think both are ready for summer break.  Seems we are past the cold and on to hot and humid already.  Bring on the heat and high electric bills.  We took the boys to Lowry Park Zoo yesterday.  Put those pics on here under sight seeing.  So if ya want to see a bunch of animals you certainly are welcome to look.  Snaped a few pics of the Bucs stadium over in Tampa and the stadium in St. Petersburg for the Rays and some of the Skyway on our way back from the zoo.  Figured what the heck.  Becky, Richard and the kids all came to visit for their Spring Break.  Had a great time with them!!!  I also added some pics of a lunch and fashion show that I took last year at the Village of the Arts that I went to with mom (Tina).  Will have more since they are doing it again this year in a month or so.  Other than that, just wishing for some much needed rain in our area.  Until next time…

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A new year!

Well, here we are…another year.  I’m sure this one will go by just as quick.  Can’t believe it’s almost March already.  Last weekend we went to the Florida State Fair.  We’ve lived here for over 18 years and figured it was about time we went and checked it out.  All I have to say is… it’s a state fair, worth about the 8 dollars a piece we paid to get in.  Took some pics and thought I’d share those.  They are under the Sight Seeing category, but as usual, you have to log in to see our personal pics we don’t have open to the public.  Probably a little boring, but what can ya do to make farm animals and carnival rides seem exciting.  I also added more pics from our cruise we took back in ’06 that I totally forgot we did not have on here and some pics from a weekend trip we took to Orlando awhile back too.  Other than that, just keeping busy.  Devin recently got his license and a car and has been out racking up the miles and burning the gas.  I have to give him credit for picking up driving a stick in just a day.  You da man Dev!!!  Robert and I have had birthdays and now on to the rest of the year.  Hope it’s a great one!  Until next time…

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New Years Eve

We had a pretty uneventful New Years Eve here.  Just stayed at home and put out some snacks and Robert smoked some brisket and pork.  We had family over and just hung out at home and spent time together and watched TV and waited for the ball to drop.  Nothing exciting but we had a good time just being together.  Bought some lottery tickets which were just a waste of money…haha.  The holidays are over and now on to a New Year.  Hope it is a wonderful year for all our friends and family.  HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone.  Until next time….

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