Cypress Gardens

We recently bought year passes to Cypress Gardens and I’ve added some pictures we took when we went yesterday.  Through out the year the passes are good for, I’m sure I’ll be adding more in that catagory.  We really enjoyed this theme park.  The boys rode more rides than any other theme park we’ve been to.  It’s a nice family park with just about something for everyone, from animals to gardens to ski shows to rides and even a water park area.  Can’t beat that!!!  Just thought we’d share our pictures with our family and friends.  Other than this we’ve just been enjoying the summer time.  Haven’t done much hiking due to the heat and humidity…been sticking to the treadmill at home in the a/c.  We plan on picking back up on the orienteering after they start again once the hottest summer months are over.  As usual…we’ll be adding more pictures often.  We’ve got birthdays coming up next month and the month after….

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