A new year!

Well, here we are…another year.  I’m sure this one will go by just as quick.  Can’t believe it’s almost March already.  Last weekend we went to the Florida State Fair.  We’ve lived here for over 18 years and figured it was about time we went and checked it out.  All I have to say is… it’s a state fair, worth about the 8 dollars a piece we paid to get in.  Took some pics and thought I’d share those.  They are under the Sight Seeing category, but as usual, you have to log in to see our personal pics we don’t have open to the public.  Probably a little boring, but what can ya do to make farm animals and carnival rides seem exciting.  I also added more pics from our cruise we took back in ’06 that I totally forgot we did not have on here and some pics from a weekend trip we took to Orlando awhile back too.  Other than that, just keeping busy.  Devin recently got his license and a car and has been out racking up the miles and burning the gas.  I have to give him credit for picking up driving a stick in just a day.  You da man Dev!!!  Robert and I have had birthdays and now on to the rest of the year.  Hope it’s a great one!  Until next time…

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