Where are the spring showers?

Here we are….May.  Only 7 more months and we can put up the Christmas tree…LOL.  Hot weather has hit Florida and will no doubt be here with us until at least Christmas.  All we need is for the humidity to set in now and we’ll be on our way.  The boys are just hanging in there until summer break.  I’ve been helping out at the school and went on a field trip recently with Matt’s class.  I put those pictures in our family area.  Devin has had his first fender bender and so his car is totaled.  No one was hurt, thank goodness, other than the nice little first car we lucked out and found for him.  Long story short, the other driver was at fault but walked away from the accident and so we have a hit and run on our hands basically, or that’s what the cops are filling it as.  I put some pictures of the damage…not that it’s that interesting, in our family area too.  Figured someone in our family might want to see them.  So…today Robert and Devin are starting the process all over and going out car shopping.  Other than that, I’m just counting down the days until my class reunion in Oklahoma.  I’ll have plenty of picture to put on here from that.  Until next time….

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