End of August

Summer vacation is gone and school is back in session.  Always seems now that after this, the rest of the year just flys by.  Between the boys birthdays and our anniversary and then of course the holidays, which aren’t too far away, the days just run into the next it seems.  Devin turned 17 Friday and next will be Matt’s 13th on Sept. 28.  Where has time gone.  Life gets busy with the daily things and before you know it, you lift your head to look around and you realize you haven’t talked to reliatives and friends in a long time.  Nothing really eventful or exciting has been going on, just the daily grind and living life.  I am looking forward to fall very much.  I am just over the hot humid summers Florida has to offer.  No hurricanes as of yet and hopefully it’ll stay that way.  I’m adding some new galleries to the Family Album.  It’s in process so keep checking back…  I’ve added some really old ones of my grandfather and grandmother and his parents and sibblings… ones we have anyway.  Any family members out there are welcome to send me any I might not have to add on.  I’m going to make one of the boys when they were little.  I’m also thinking of making a page devoted to very much loved and missed family members that have passed away.  I just want that to be a happy place to look back at them not a sad thing.  Anyway, just checking in for now…..until next time……

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